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The CycleHouse leadership and management training is a comprehensive development program that is tailored-fit to address the learning and work readiness needs of the key personnel in the business, including the franchise owner.

This extensive training consists of various functional leadership topics that will equip the personnel holistically—enabling them to jumpstart and grow the business. 

Aside from having a customized program per specific position, the training is also structured with breadth and depth. The individuals who will manage the business will be comprehensively taught on: merchandising, marketing, customer service, selling, store operations, and values and behaviour.

Franchise owners and managers will be armed with leadership competencies through the Leading Greatly Leadership Training Program. This leadership training covers a wide scope of topics such as performance management, coaching, influencing, and a lot more. 

The program is aimed at developing and enhancing the skills and knowledge in efficient management methods and tools. This gives key people the competency in leading the business. 

The overall objective of the training is to make these individuals ready to serve and provide solutions to their customers. Towards the end of the program, they will undergo various assessments to evaluate their learnings and capabilities. Successful trainees will be awarded with Customer First Certificates. 

The management and leadership training is a blended learning program composed of online, face to face, and on the job training.

Here are the details and coverage of the training program:

Technician Training

CycleHouse has a signature approach in making sure that the motorcycle and bike units are maintained properly and efficiently. This is mostly to ensure rider safety, and to also help customers save time and money in keeping their units in tip top shape.

With the Customer First Technician Certification, technicians will learn how to diagnose problems, conduct repairs, and maintain the units in good condition. Our program is not just about them learning how to use various tools, but they will also be equipped with customer service skills, knowledge in inventory management, and values and behaviour expected of a CycleHouse technician.

The comprehensive topics will be ably supported with hands-on practice during the course of the formal training program. There are standard curriculums for bike and motorcycle repair and maintenance. The trainees will be required on the job training hours and must pass the Customer First Technician Certification evaluation before they will be awarded with a certificate. The trainees will be trained on how to conduct the unique 14-Point Check to ensure that all functions of their units are well maintained

Business Support

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been running a business for years, there’s still a marked difference in running a motorcycle and bike retail service shop, most especially with CycleHouse, which has an innovative approach in serving the market.

Armed with 10 years of experience, CycleHouse has tried and tested systems and processes and business results to back it up.

We have built a group – the Business Support team – to guide you every step of the way in preparing your business for success, today and in the future. 

The Business Support team are highly-trained to provide business directions, help map out strategies to achieve goals, and help manage possible “bumps” or challenges along the way. They are committed not only to jumpstart the business, but also help you expand it. The team will help you understand the different processes needed to run your business in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

From communicating key business processes, they will also help you manage your merchandise by providing the technical information on the products. 

The Business Support team will also work with you closely in ensuring the quality of your operations—from daily activities inside the store, marketing operations, merchandise operations, to leadership within your business.

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